| HK-101 | RABBIT HOOK 2'S

| HK-101 | RABBIT HOOK 2 | HK-101 | RABBIT HOOK 2
| HK-101 | RABBIT HOOK 2'S Enquiry

  • Cleaning the surface and wait to dry.
  • Tear off the liner and affix to the surface you want.
  • Stick the press the entire hook firmly
  • Wait for 24hours before use.
  • Move the hook
  • Press againts the balance surface by one hand
  • Grab the green tab the other hand. Vertically pull down till the balance be apart with the stick  surface.
  • Avoiding be hurt by the spring back of the colloid,pay more attention to press against the surface when pulling down.


  • The wet area ,coars surface. dusty surface will effect the stickness.
  • Do not hang goods over the max load.
  • Do not hang goods which is valuable, easily damage and dangerous .
  • Do not hang in areas which will hurt others when hook drop.
  • Suitable for indoor use with temperature within 10-40C.
  • If the wall is in seepage and it leads to paint shedding ,that is not suggested to use this product. 


  • 3 PCS   / CARD
  • 6 CARDS / PP BAG